Peony Li

I’m a founder on a mission to bring bladder care into the mainstream.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked across multiple industries from M&A to Startup Investment.

I am passionate about the health and personal care industry – particularly solving problems for underserved communities. For example, I helped to commercialise a pain-soothing tampon to address period cramps – and more recently – I distributed six million pieces of protective equipment to front-line workers and carers during the pandemic.

Now I have turned my attention to revolutionising bladder care, which is where Jude comes in… The stuff no one talks about is all Jude talks about – we are here to serve the 14 million people in the UK and the 400 million people globally who experience those little leaks. The thousands of conversations I’ve had with people who experience bladder issues have been truly eye-opening – these are the people that drive us to make a difference. Together with our community, Jude is determined to smash one of Britain’s biggest taboos and get bladder care into the mainstream. For us health is not just a symptom, it’s a story.


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