Liz Warom

Liz Warom is co-owner and co-founder of the luxurious spa-inspired and results-driven skincare brand TEMPLEPA alongside her husband and business partner Mark.

Liz started her career in the beauty industry as a sales consultant for the American beauty brand Jafra Cosmetics. Combining hard work with ambition and drive, she soon found her feet and became the Company’s top consultant and manager breaking all international sales and recruitment records. By the time she was just 20, Liz had brought over 2000 other consultants into the business which helped to devise the future framework for the network of TEMPLESPA marketeers.

After eight hugely successful years with Jafra, Liz was ready for a new challenge and joined Europe’s largest cosmetic manufacturer working with prestigious clients like Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, and The Body Shop developing product ranges from concept to completion. Her creation and management of The Body Shop Colourings account led to her ultimately being personally headhunted by visionary founder Anita Roddick. 


Liz’s husband Mark later joined the Body Shop and by combining efforts, they successfully relaunched the Colourings brand taking sales from £10 million to £124 million in just four years managing the brand in over 50 countries. This allowed Mark and Liz to realise the true power of their working partnership.

After several impressive years at The Body Shop, Liz and Mark created an exceptional concept for a top to toe cosmetics brand and decided to approach entrepreneur Richard Branson. Their idea caught his imagination and after a two-hour meeting, he was on board to launch Virgin Vie in partnership. This enabled Liz and Mark and their incredible team to work from conception to launch in just 18 months. They achieved sales of £10 million during the first year and after leading the company for three years, they decided it was now time to take their combined years of experience and give birth to their very own brand.

Taking a sabbatical for a year with six months of travelling in the Mediterranean region, Mark and Liz were allowed the space needed to take time out to reset. On a history-making day on the island of Cyprus, Mark was taking his morning swim when he had his lightbulb moment view in front of him which he captured with a camera. When he shared the magical shot, Liz exclaimed “what do you think of the name TEMPLESPA?”