Julia Bueno

How we can learn to be kind to ourselves, which was published in paperback on May 4.Guardian agony aunt Annalisa Barbieri praised it: “The Inner critic is an important topic, and one that holds so many people back. This book discusses where it may come from and, through case studies, how we can rewrite the script. Gently enquiring, authoritative and reassuring.”

Julia’s first book, The Brink of Being: Talking about Miscarriage won the British Medical Association Popular Medicine Book Award 2021 and was the runner-up for the British Psychological Society Book Award 2021.

Julia has a particular expertise in working with pregnancy loss and infertility and has met thousands of self-critics in her consulting room. Her writing has been published in The Times, The Sunday Times, The New York Times, Psychology Today, and she reviews books for The Times Literary Supplement.