Joanna Harrison

I am an experienced couple therapist and work as a senior clinician at Tavistock Relationships where I trained.

I was a practising divorce lawyer for 5 years but decided that I wanted to work more with the dynamics of relationships than the practical outcomes of their breakdown.

I still work in the field of divorce and separation consulting to individuals and couples who are divorcing at Family Law in Partnership.

The things we argue about with our partner need attention – that’s why we are arguing about them! In my new book, ‘Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have And Why The Washing Up Matters’, I give these topics some attention so that couples can resolve them better without getting stuck in who’s right or wrong.


Book now for Married, Single or Dating? A Relationship Masterclass With Sami Wunder and Joanna Harrison, Hosted by Bestselling Author Rosie Green