Dr Rupy Aujla

Dr Rupy is a London-based doctor, specialising in General Practice and Emergency Medicine. He is on a mission to reverse the tidal wave of preventable lifestyle disease one plate of delicious food at a time. He is completing a Masters in Nutritional Medicine and is the Founder of Europe’s first Culinary Medicine programme for medical schools and doctors.

He is a Sunday Times bestselling author (COOKS is his fourth book and follows his bestsellers, Doctor’s Kitchen 3-2-1 (2020), Eat to Beat Illness (2019) and The Doctors Kitchen (2017)), BBC Presenter and regularly appears on national television. His mission to make healthy food delicious and achievable has gained the attention and respect of well-known stars including Jamie Oliver and Joe Wicks, as well as his medical colleagues. He has a number one rated podcast, The Doctor’s Kitchen, with over 12 million downloads to date, over 295,000 Instagram followers and a million YouTube views. In January 2022 he successfully launched The Doctor’s Kitchen App, a personalised nutrition and healthy eating app.

His aim is to help people live healthier, happier lives using evidence-based food and lifestyle medicine. He uses the teachings of both ancient and modern medicine, underpinned by his own clinical experience to create recipes to optimise health, performance, and wellbeing. All developed in line with the latest scientific advice for lifestyle and nutrition. Dr Rupy’s approach is fresh and motivational and, aside from his own personal experiences with ill health, he brings with him a pragmatic clinical perspective that appreciates the many barriers to healthy eating which include cost, the lack of culinary knowledge and time.

Find Dr Rupy on Instagram and Twitter @doctors_kitchen, on Facebook and YouTube at The Doctor’s Kitchen and
at his website thedoctorskitchen.com