Anne Henderson

Anne is a highly experienced Consultant Gynaecologist. She spent 17 years as a senior consultant at a major acute NHS Trust, following undergraduate studies at Cambridge University and postgraduate medical training in the South East. She is now the Owner and Director of The Amara Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, an innovative new specialist Women’s Health Clinic which has recently opened following extensive refurbishment and CQC registration.  Anne also continues to practice at No 25 Harley Street in London and KIMS Hospital in Kent but is now mainly based at The Amara.

She is passionate about women’s health issues, particularly menopause and HRT, which is now a key health agenda. She feels there is a need to expand and improve the existing NHS service to ensure that all women are able to access high-quality menopause care, regardless of postcode or income. She has extensive experience in this area having undertaken postgraduate research into menopause and HRT, PMS and post-natal depression under Professor John Studd, who was the pre-eminent world expert in the field during his career.

Following research, she spent several decades working in the NHS during which she set up one of the largest NHS menopause clinics in the South East. She is a British Menopause Society Accredited Specialist, a recognition currently held by only 200 practitioners in the UK, acknowledging the higher level of training, expertise and ongoing clinical workload within this group of specialists.

Anne believes in offering her patients the full spectrum of treatments to help manage the peri-menopause and menopause, including complementary therapies such as herbal medicine. She has worked closely with a medical herbalist in Kent for the last 20 years: this collaboration has been highly successful and forms an integral part of Anne’s clinical practice and educational seminars. She believes that the role of complementary therapies, particularly herbal medicine, is greatly under-recognised by many healthcare practitioners.

She is also involved in training and education and has organised numerous workshops and seminars for various public and private sector employers. These include fire and rescue and police services nationwide and companies including Goldman Sachs and Unilever. Highlights of these workplace seminars include hosting the inaugural Kent Regional British Menopause Society Update Day in Kent, and keynote lectures to the National Police Menopause Action Group and the inaugural London Fire Brigade Menopause Seminar.

Anne also has an extensive educational track record teaching fellow gynaecologists, GPs and Practice Nurses throughout the South East over the last two decades, and this remains a key part of her current practice. Anne is the Medical Advisor to BRCA Kent, one of the largest support groups for BRCA patients in the UK. Along with the BRCA Kent team, she runs bi-annual multi-disciplinary education and update study days for BRCA carriers and medical practitioners throughout Kent and the surrounding areas and provides ongoing support and education to the group.

In addition to her clinical work, Anne also has a medico-legal practice: her interest in this area developed as a result of her experience as NHS Consultant Lead for Obstetric Risk. She finds this a sobering, but valuable, aspect of her varied timetable and believes it is vital that ongoing training, education and support is offered to the next generation of doctors and midwives in her speciality with the aim of consistently improving the quality of care. In keeping with her interest in medico-legal matters, Anne regularly lectures to lawyers and barristers as part of their CPD update training and is involved in the highly acclaimed 7 Bedford Row Chambers annual “Skeleton Series” of educational seminars.

Anne has published widely in the medical literature including peer-reviewed journals such as the BMJ, The Lancet, and New England Journal of Medicine. Her articles have also featured in the mainstream media including The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Times and Sunday Times and in various women’s magazines including Red, Women’s Journal, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Refinery 29.

Throughout her career she has been involved in broadcast media as well, having appeared on LBC, Radio 4, This Morning, Radio Kent, and Channel 5 discussing menopause-related matters. Anne has acted as brand ambassador and medical advisor to various companies, including Bayer, Time Of The Month, TENA and Health & Her.