Amanda Gardiner

As a survivor of infidelity, betrayal and full on divorce war, Amanda is a passionate advocate for post divorce marvelousness. A qualified and experienced divorce coach, she works with mid life women who need to create a wonderful new future as a result of their divorce. Offering motivation and inspiration she shines a light on possibility, hope and purpose. Act 2 is where it is at!

As featured in Woman’s Own, Postcards from Midlife, The Sun’s Fabulous magazine and Muddy Stilettos, her community, The Divorce Hive, provides advice, information, coaching and camaraderie in the areas that matter to mid-life divorcees (money, careers, business, Fashion, beauty and health, co-parenting, dating and so on)

The Divorce Hive is a tribe of fearless midlife women who want to seize the opportunity that divorce has given them (however reluctantly) to build a shiny, exciting and aspirational future!

A busy single mum of three teenage girls, Amanda wears many hats (fight referee, DIYer, taxi driver, pest control and successful international businesswoman (one day) but is happiest in a glamourous dress and flipflops with a glass of cold prosecco beside an Italian beach.


Join Amanda for a discussion about Dating & Divorce with Jane Fallon and Saska Graville on Saturday 20th May at Postcards From Midlife Live in London.