Alison Wileman

Alison Wileman is a Strategic Healthcare Partner-Continence (Essity) RN/ Bladder and Bowel UK Continence Nurse Advisor.

She has recently joined Essity, as part of the Strategic Healthcare Partner Team with a specialist interest in Continence, after leaving the NHS, as a Continence Service Lead and previous Chair of the Royal College of Nursing Bladder and Bowel Forum. She also volunteers for Bladder and Bowel UK helpline as a Continence Nurse Advisor.

She will be delivering talks on Speakers Corner with anonymous Q&A options on continence care including myth-busting, the science behind continence issues and management and tips on how to control issues, with a look at how continence products are designed differently.

She will also be on the TENA stand for private conversations and advice through Friday 19th and Saturday 20th May.