Managing your money in midlife – an audience with Sarah Steel

Friday, May 19 @ 4:15pm 5:00pm


Friday, May 19 @ 4:15pm 5:00pm


Tags: Careers, Finance


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Midlife can be a wonderful period for building the life and experiences you want, but it can also be full of challenges and big events that can seriously rock the boat or even knock you off course. In this participatory fireside chat, Sarah Steel, Head of Financial Wellbeing at Better With Money, will discuss the possibilities and pitfalls facing women, and what you can do to prioritise your financial wellbeing through the calm waters and choppy seas of midlife. The event will be hosted by Standard Life, one of Britain’s leading pension providers, and will include reflections from their ongoing webinar series focused on the impact of key life events on women’s finances. Drawing from personal and professional experience as well as audience involvement, we’ll discuss the impact of careers, kids, caring, and more in shaping the life you want to lead, while exploring how to maintain your financial resilience and the independence that comes with it.