Sarah Haran Luxury Handbags Launch Barbie Collection

Sarah Haran Luxury Handbags Launch Barbie Collection June PFML23

The genius handbag company launch their summer Barbie collection in time for upcoming blockbuster.

Sarah Haran is proud to announce the launch of their Barbie collection. Our bestselling pieces re-imagined in a luxurious, textured leather will surely have their new owners just as lovestruck as Ken!

In just 5 years, Sarah has scaled the business to a level where large collections, designed far in advance to coincide with cultural events have become a possibility. After the raring success of the Coronation Collection in May, the Barbie Collection is highly anticipated by the brands loyal customers who have spotted Sarah teasing the Millie Crossbody Bag on her Instagram.

Blonde woman wearing navy shirt holding a Sarah Harran Barbie Bag“We’re all about delivering joy to our customers, and what’s more joyful than a luxury handbag with a nostalgic undertone?” Sarah can’t wait to unveil the collection. With a mix of crossbody bags and interchangeable handbag accessories available, there truly is a perfect match for everyone.

Sarah’s handbags can be restyled endlessly to create completely different looks with just one handbag. A Sarah Haran need never look the same twice. Each bag is created with a popper system that allows women to style their bag to suit their individual style, allowing the bags to be more than just an accessory, and becoming an expression of oneself.

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