Ruth Ramsay Reveals How To Have Hotter Midlife Sex

Ruth Ramsay Sex Therapist Postcards From Midlife Live

Adult sex educator and coach, Ruth Ramsay, will be offering up shame-free and pleasure-led advice helping people to understand who they are sexually, how their bodies and minds work and how to communicate what they need in bed. Her mission is the recognition of sexual energy as a force for good.

Ruth’s five top tips for a hotter midlife sex life:

1. Take ownership of your sexual life, now: stop waiting for your partner to change, or to get to the top of a medical waiting list, or feel happy with your dress size. This is in your hands and you can start today!

2. Learn about the changes your body is experiencing and how they affect your sex life. Listen to podcasts with qualified experts, download the Balance app, and seek medical support where necessary.

3. Be curious about how sex is changing for you, physically and mentally. You may find interests you’ve ignored so far are now coming to the surface, or that the sensitivity of different parts of your body has changed. What ‘worked’ for you in the past might now work so well now… but something else will instead.

4. Do you have a male partner who is also in midlife? His body and mind will be changing too, in ways that might make him less confident around sex. Open the conversation about your shared sex life.

5. Make time for intimacy and sexual playtime. Scheduling this is not a failure – it’s a recognition that such time is important, and worth fitting in to your busy life.


Ruth will be hosting the below sessions at Postcards From Midlife Live at the Business Design Centre in London this May.


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