Connection and Family Wellness

by Dr Gauri Seth
Dr Gauri Seth standing on the banks of Thames

The recent pandemic and ongoing factors are creating pressure on family systems like never before.  Some found lockdowns especially difficult due to feeling suffocated with each other, a perfect storm for family arguments, discord and friction. For some, the very concept of family wellness could easily be regarded as a fantasy, where connection couldn’t be further from reality.  

But what if we paused, zoomed out, took a pivot, and understood the recent circumstances through a totally different lens.  During COVID, schools and activities were paused, and social engagements were restricted, meaning families for a period of time may have had an unprecedented opportunity for togetherness, and connection.   The sudden removal of distraction and segregated activities forced families to spend time together, and be still.  To reflect about themselves and others.  To consciously connect with each other.  

Connection is a precious platinum treasure, which facilitates a dimension of emotional wellness that goes beyond physical financial or material pleasures.  Connection illuminates us deep within our essence, and facilitates a relationship with others which nourishes our psychological being.  

While it might seem impossible, the good news is, that with some simple steps and guidance, applying the science of behaviour, emotional regulation and emotional intelligence, it absolutely is possible to boost connection within a household. This not only can enhance well-being for the individuals involved, not only enhances the collective wellness for the family unit, but facilitates a better state of mind for focus, productivity and performance in other aspects of life such as work, sports, and education.  

Connected dynamics are less exhausting:  there are less arguments because people feel understood and wanted.  Connection is the WD40 for family systems- everything runs more smoothly, with less resistance, and with less noise.  

Furthermore, through applying science-backed insights to enhance connection, parents can model, to their children, relationships which can set the tone for the future,  when it comes to relating with others effectively.  This can then go on to enhance relationships with friends, partners, colleagues and seniors. 

DISCLAIMER from Dr Seth: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience. Comments made are as a coach- this is not medical or psychiatry advice. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact outcomes. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.

Gauri Seth brings her insights from medicine, neuroscience and psychotherapy, to support parents with the mechanics of connecting with children and others in the family. She has three children under nine, is married to a consultant surgeon, and very well understands the day-to-day dilemmas facing many parents.  Gauri has brought together her experience as a mother, doctor and academic, to create the Brain-Based Connection® programme, to boost connection between parents and children.  She can teach others how to apply her knowledge and expertise, to support smoother family dynamics in your home.   

Her work enhances family wellness with the potential for transgenerational impact – how we parent our children will subconsciously inform how they parent theirs. 

Let’s give this life chapter the importance and nurturing that it deserves.  Let’s think of mental wellness in a sustainable way, and consider the parent-child connection as a treasure for multigenerational wellness.  

“The parent-child connection is the most powerful intervention known to mankind”  Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Dr Gauri Seth is a coach, medical doctor, clinical academic and mother of three. She has a private coaching practice (Zoom or walking coaching in leafy parklands of Southwest London.)

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